Dog Days of December

Literally, all my days are dog days these days.

Everyone needs three dogs, right?



So soon!

The #photographinghappiness group certainly keeps me on my toes.

This month’s theme was to tell a story. I loved this theme. I pretty much shoot to tell a story every time I pick up my camera. Sometimes you get the tale in one shot, sometimes in twelve and sometimes not at all. I could have told this story in six photos ( and they would have been a different six than the ones that appear here ) but the challenge is twelve images and so be it, I am sharing a dozen. I could have shared all of them ( and probably did on Facebook already;)).

I did not shoot consciously with this theme in mind, and in some ways I wish I had. I would have taken more photos of the sugar pie and the maple beer. That is a pretty fair criticism of everything I photograph. Never enough pie and beer.


Not even at three pieces of pie.

And so here is the story of Auntie Heidi’s birthday party. And how the Bloomfield family has never met a maple tree or a competition they did not rise to.

Okay, the maple part is absolutely the Auclair part of the family ( maple ) tree shining through:).


thanksgiving marche

alex + apple, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

we took a walk today, on our thanksgiving monday. alex and i and my sister in law and some of the cousins and my inlaws. and lady. we can not forget lady!

some of us were at the movies, others dealing with jeeps that did not want to work, others yet writing english essays on 1984…but the nice thing is, those of us who could go, did.

and it was lovely. bumpity path and all.