I have been motivated this year to post regularly and with thought every month this year because of  #photographinghappiness.

However even inspired, I find myself falling behind…like this post being more of a twelveontwenty than a twelveontwelve.

Herniated disc, kid with appendicitis, Hanukkah and Christmas chaos, moving a household. Damn, sometimes life comes at you quickly. You need to eat it up.

I feel like the chaos is gently captured in every month that I post.  I would love to sit down and throw together a collection of perfectly curated images, with similar colours flowing through beautifully minimalist settings bathing my shyly smiling subjects with a magical light…

Instead, month after month,  I offer you arena lighting, dog fur, days without photos taken because my back decided to remind me how old I am getting and a child I had to pay to pose.

And then just the other night at a gathering, a friend the made a comment that struck me, a comment about how lovely my world looks on instagram. As I was lying on the floor at that moment to alleviate pressure on my asshole L3/L4 bulging disc, which has near crippled me for the last three weeks, that struck me as ironic.

I WISH my world was all perfect, with time to do my nails, and lose 15 pounds, with me not be afraid of driving in the snow and to get the damn dishes in the dishwasher. My life is messy and rushed with a fair bit of yelling and tons of worrying. Always with the worry.

Funny how we see things differently from the inside.

So all that to say, in this twelfth month of posting my #photographinghappiness, I look back and see that while I am not living a life well curated, I am consistent. Consistently what, I am not sure…but let’s run with happy;). The thing with projects is that you do not always realize the role they play for you until you have put some space between them and you. I think I will like this year very much when I can look at it with rested eyes.

That will happen, right?

Thank you Rachel Devine for bringing #photographinghappiness to life. I know it has been a challenging year for many and I have enjoyed very much the moments that have been shared by the women in this group.

And I leave you with these photos. Twelve of them. One I would love to caption appropriately ( which would be highly inappropriate ) but can’t.


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and fingers crossed that 2018 brings light and joy and fun and happiness to us all.





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