Eleven down and one to go.


OMG. Stranger Things. Loved every minute of this season. And last season. Makes me want to be thirteen again.

Sorry for that tangent…

Eleven months of actually putting photos to blog. Thanks Rachel Devine and to all of you that are a part of #photographinghappiness. I really have. Been photographing. Happiness.

And where my October was a whirlwind of busy, my November has slowed down to an enjoyable pace, which is lovely.

So here are my photos. The twelve snapshots that capture my month. 37663131234_f379c2894f_o37663126854_4323fdcde7_k37663307904_f52ba16e5e_k38346957242_d1fc04764e_k26601529469_32fd9e4d0c_k38347049502_1721370e8f_k24506885518_19e5dd6660_k26603141379_abddc7926f_k37663355274_aac37f12d3_k26601657919_4033fb4b79_k26603012959_79667e6478_k37664568084_18c1022a89_k


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