I am writing this post late. Vacation and bad internet get in the way of doing anything properly in the summer. As it should.

And as I write this, I have no idea which photos I am choosing to share this month.

Rachel, the mom of #photographinghappiness, spoke about memorializing your life in photos after she and her family experienced a heartbreaking loss recently. For me that means capturing the people you love living and laughing and being. The big moments, the little moments, the special and the quiet. Even the mad and the sad and the disappointed.

In my group of friends, as in any large group of friends, there have been many life changing losses.  And when these terrible times happen, I always find myself scrambling for images – smiles, laughter, togetherness, love, humour – anything to not let that person go one more bit. And there are never enough photos. Never ever.

I think this is why I take so many damn photos. Even when I know it is not enough.

I don’t think that I really took anything outstanding this month, but what I am offering up is a ollection of life as it happen to us.

Edited to add: So even in selecting these images I realize I am missing so much and so many.

34637772103_c9dc93331d_oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA033A236135192894933_84011540da_o35918034931_fd65c65eab_o34750252093_acfb11ed4a_o033A2855OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA35048531713_902fab9647_o35736942461_4b11b4eb2f_o

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