I really did not think we would get to this point

It is still freezing. And so I keep posting photos of sunnier times until I am warm.
This morning?
Not warm. Not even close.

Do you remember when you were the hottest you have ever been? The one place that immediately comes to comes to mind for me was Jamaica in the month of September (I can not even imagine summer months!), on a trip with Dabble Magazine. The temperature hit 40+ degrees celsius and I thought I might melt.

Photographing the resort of Goldeneye in Oracabessa on that day, I spotted this ladder descending into the ocean and I wanted nothing more than to jump in…

jamaica goldeneye resort

ladder + ocean at goldeneye resort, oracabessa, jamaica

I would welcome melting right now.

( That is Nicholas Rosaci up on top, soaking up the heat in long pants and a blazer! Chic until the end, that guy! )

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