I said I would never…

which of course means, I did.

But how could I say no?

After all, I took the photos of the first prom they went to ( his ).4607561724_5c8b0e80c7_b-2

And then the following year, the photos of their second ( hers).


So, when they came to me with the news that they were getting married…how could I say no?

Engagement photographer? Me? Really? I was not sure I could do this. Food? Sure. Interiors? Of course. Kids running away from the camera? Absolutely. But an engagement session? Yikes. Those photographers are imaginative and cute and crafty. And romantic. I am not romantic.

Just peek on Pinterest she said, I have ideas I like posted there. Awesome!


Pinterest terrifies me.

Now, I got a bit of a reprieve because the couple in question wanted a winter shoot. With the way that our winter had been going, I figured we would likely have to wait for spring for an appropriate window.

However, a beautiful day dawned in February and the couple bundled up and trundled out to my place. Snowflakes were falling, and the temp was not ( well, not as much as it had been ), so we took to the rink and the lake, skates, blankets and hot chocolate in hand.

And you know what? It was not so terrifying after all;).

Congratulations to my favourite couple in love. I wish you nothing but excitement in the build up to your wedding, knowing that you are surrounded by family and friends and are creating good memories every step of the way.

Now I just have six months to worry about shooting the wedding;).



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