angry housewives eating bonbons

or feeding chickens. and sheep. and pigs…oh, the pigs.

so, i am in this new book club. well, i may have actually started this new book club with a group of women i adore, who i plucked from totally different spheres of my life. and they meshed, very well.

so for our third book ( the first being too awful to mention and the second being a maya angelou classic, in honour of her passing ) we read angry housewives eating bonbons because it made sense. okay, not all of us are angry housewives, actually very few of us are, and a bunch of us work and some could even claim not to be wives at all…but we are all women who love the sense of community this kind of gathering offers. and this book celebrates that ( even if you can not keep the characters in order and find that it wraps up too nicely and should be a made for tv movie ).

so along with actually having to read a book a month, the meeting requires good food and wine. this month we traveled to the gentlewomanly farm of my friend jen. a small farm, where chickens run free, the lambs are cuddled and the pigs are raised with love, gentle words, sunshine and mudbaths ( although they are no longer named as that makes their inevitable end a little bit too difficult to bear ).

it was educational ( really, how well do you understand where your food comes from?), romantic ( the horses! ) and delicious, because of course the food was wonderful.

but really? i just wanted to share the pictures of the pigs, because who knew that pigs could be this cute?

14876172399_e295aa01e3_k15039898536_137671211f_k 15059869021_5dc4760f80_k 15059887651_e1f13fe332_k 15062522552_cbca6fb5c2_k 15062531202_bf6bd61f29_k 15062865075_a53d2bf4d9_k





thanks jen, it was lovely

                                                                                                                            thanks jen, it was lovely

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