hi little blog,

i have missed you.

been busy with things. nothing big, just life.

but i found time, like i do every august, to partake in *the august break 2014*. a photo a day for a month. easy peasy, lemon squeezy. and somehow this reminds me how much i love to just take photos. no jobs, no commitment, no pressure.

just the day to day little stuff. 50 years from now i will be able to look back at every *the august break* ( this is my 4th or 5th year ) and see the changes that are so invisible to me now, illustrating the little details of my family that i might have otherwise forgotten admidst all the big stuff that is bound to happen.

the first half of the month has flown by. that saddens me. this summer is going to be over too soon. i am never ready for the fall. always ready for my birthday, yes;), but not the loss of warmth and lazy days that populate my woefully short summer.

so here is my august break so far. 15 snaps of 15 days.

the august break 2014...the first half

the august break 2014…the first half


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