dressember, day 7

dressember, day 7, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.
one week in and digging it

what is dressember you ask?

well, it is just the most fun thing i have done in awhile.
a dress a day for the month of december.

visit blythe hill, for the history and the details:)

blythe hill

and you must visit amanda. 

aka manda. 
aka @amandafiona.
she is, of course, the person who gave me the itch to play along.

aside from enjoying her daily dose of fashionability, amanda is also raising money for charity this month, through her blog. donations can get you a print, yes an original print, of amanda’s. 
um, yes. 
this is a fabulous chance to get some of her work on your walls ( rumour has it that there is a chance you can snag some of her partner’s work as well…). giving is great when it is this much fun.

run here…

amanda’s dressember

that’s it:). just some fun on cold and grey days. at least here!

you can follow along on instagram and twitter using #dressember2012
for my first 5 days, i only took photos on instagram, so here they are. i am still taking mobile images everyday ( with all my dress deets ) but i am throwing in some real photos along the way.
Days 1 – 5
day 6

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