apples and art studio tour 2011, september 24th and 25th.

national, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

this is a shot from the general store at the lost villages museum.
this is THE cash register they use to ring up sales today:).

did i mention i have an exhibition type thing in a bit?
not really ready quite yet, but getting there:).

it is time again for the *apples and art studio tour*, september 24th and 25th.

a map pour vous –
apples and art studio tour map

you can visit artists in their studios and grouped together in local art friendly spots around the cornwall area.

a weekend of talking phodo…i mean photo.
i love this weekend.

i am hanging out in the lost villages museum again, likely the same spot as last year.

still organizing what I am doing but going to try and make a hands on option for people.

i will also be continuing to raise funds for famine relief in africa, in some small part that weekend.

there will also be a limited selection of specially chosen prints available for purchase that weekend for the fundraiser.
to date, we have raised 1300$ to help with the famine relief.

shaping up to be a pretty terrific weekend  – mark it on your claendars. it runs the two days ( and you need it if you plan to visit every site! ) but otherwise, you have lots of time to discover new artists and perhaps start your own art collection…


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