charlotte, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

the august break

i don’t think every daily photo this month will have a child in it…but then again…hmmm.

this photo is not from today, but rather from last summer.

it is however very relevant to my day as it is the photo that was selected to represent my photos on the brochure for the 2011 edition of the *apples and arts studio tour* in my neck of the woods.

and it reminded me that it is never an easy process choosing photos for…anything. often, the photos i like…well…are not the favourites of anyone else,lol.

this photo i love. i love how she is looking right. at. me.
i hope she always carries herself this way.

i need to remember to ask *why* this photo, out of all the photos i had offered up. i am not even sure this was a photo i submitted:).
i am just curious about what catches someone’s imagination.

in any case, thank you charlotte for being such a wonderful little model. you are truly one of my most favourite people to photograph ever.

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