a lot of happy

two of my best friends got married last week.

i tried to make a quick, impromptu speech during dinner, which quickly spiralled into over emotional heaving.

i was trying to say that it is something special when someone you love gets married.

it is apparently quite different when two people you adore, from two different parts of your life, come together as one and fashion a world of love of their own.

it is overwhelming and just restores a little hope in all things good.

i took a lot of photos during the wedding ( the camera hiding the running mascara was a genius solution on my part ). a favourite photog friend of mine gently poked fun at me for all my blur and compositional um…originality?

well, i was all kinds of blurry from happiness that day so think they are just about right:)
because this day was all about the love. and love is not always perfect in it’s perfection:).

2 thoughts on “a lot of happy

  1. heathre says:

    and love is not always perfect in it's perfection = exactly :)you truly captured the joy and love – it shines through these pics – and i don't even know them!


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