blah blah blah

i had a whole post written about my photo angst and decided that it was really boring.

suffice it to say that i do not like *not* taking photos.
i actually missed the constant rejection of my children.
(well, except for one…expect a total grade six grad spread for miss h shortly;)).

so, i just took some damn photos.
i wonder if i ever actually take them for anyone else other than me, really.

7 thoughts on “blah blah blah

  1. heathre says:

    i had that conversation with myself this weekend – the whole 'what is the point? do i only take pics for myself? is that enough?' blab blah blah. feel free to photo angst to me anytime.and for the record. i LOVE your photography – these shots of alex are wonderful. so thanks for taking them for me 🙂


  2. margaret says:

    I'm with Heather. I think I'd go crazy without your photos. I love watching your family do its thing, and I love watching Alex grow up. On top of that, I learn from your photos and am inspired by them. So while I know you can't take many right now, don't think too much about what it means. ;)I have friends who hate when I shoot them. A few of them have said it's because their parents took so many photos. I tell them "too bad" and shoot anyway.


  3. Amadika says:

    and here I thought you were taking them for us.. cuz we do enjoy them almost as much as you do, you know that right?! :)and these are no exception.. they are all awesome.. especially the first one !!! :))You really have a talent for capturing precious everyday moments.. don't ever doubt that one secodn.


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