Welcome to my life., originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

This weeks challenge at *iheartfaces* is…anything but faces.

This would have to be one of my favourite things to photograph…the bits and pieces that go along with being a human…the hands, feet, ears, top of heads, bellies…you know, the parts that make the whole…the details that bring the whole thing home;).

I had a bunch of photos to choose from…but this one, of alex’s bootied feet the day i found him sharing lunch with hudson ( our recently departed dog ), amidst the disaster that had become the mudroom? 

one of my lifetime favourites. 

i had titled it *welcome to my life*…and yep. it still holds true.

*iheartfaces* has a challenge every monday. 
( you can click thru to my flickr stream by clicking on the photo )

13 thoughts on “iheartmylife

  1. con-tain-it says:

    Oh my…was he eating the dog food? Hopefully you buy good pet food if he was…lol Love the black and white shot and photos like these are priceless. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your support. Fondly, Roberta


  2. lifebythecreek says:

    Oh my gosh. I can remember eating dog food as a little bitty girl… and that was MAAAANY years ago. I think my mom must have really freaked out, because it is seared in my brain. :<) So great that you actually captured it… now you can tell him the story and have the photos to go along with it. I am sorry for the loss of your pup… they're family, and it hurts. Blessings…


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