otherwise known as the day we have been waiting for for so long…

a face covered in m&m chocolate.

alex is no longer considered at risk with a peanut allergy.
whatever trigger that had the allergist concerned about peanuts last year was no longer there today.

no reaction to peanuts.

at all.

bring on the p-b and j:).

i can not tell you the peace of mind this gives us.
(and i am sure i will hear a joyful cheer from the preschool parents tomorrow when they find out that peanut butter sandwiches are back on the menu ).

but please, preschool parents, no egg sandwiches quite yet.

he does still have an allergy to egg whites.
serious enough to have a how to list on how to approach eggs in his life;). 
undercooked eggs?
a big fat no no. hello epinephrine.
but we can start introducing a whole host of foods that he has never tried before.
it is kind of liberating.
and yes, i did give him m&m’s. the pretzel ones. 4 of them. i am watching him like a hawk. it might take me awhile to get used to this.

 we still have concerns about his reaction to milk and soy…but apparently that now becomes a GI issue and not an allergy issue as they are now considered “sensitivities” and the reactions we see from them are nothing to panic over.
a little benadryl and we will be all good;).
gas – x for toddlers anyone?
(yeah, we are still a little wary over this part).

really? i can not tell you how awesome this day has been.

so, it turns out that our guy is not one of the 1/50 canadian kids with peanut allergies.
how lucky is he?
however, there are tons of kids who will need to deal with this allergy ( and many others ) their entire lives. i hope they run into as many caring people as we have over the last two years. the stress was crazy. and all understanding that we were shown has been greatly appreciated. more than you know.

and remember, no eggs please;).

6 thoughts on “tuesday

  1. April says:

    So happy for you! We have a five year old boy who has a metabolic disorder the keeps him from eating protein. It is a headache but one we're willing to bear for him. We know that stress and how wonderful it must be to be set free from them!


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