My Foster family

family reunion, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

Not to be confused with foster families, my mom’s maiden name is indeed Foster.

However, we also have a wonderful relationship with being a foster family. Several Fosters do.

But now we are a forever family as well as having been foster families and being Fosters forever.


That’s okay.

We got together at W and S’s home last weekend to celebrate a wonderful year in their life:).

I don’t know that the day was ever intended to get as big as it did…but the timing was right and almost all the family members you could imagine came out of the woodwork.
And the friends. God, has this family been blessed with good friends. The “kids’ I looked up to when I was tiny are now in their 50’s.
How the hell did that happen?

And yet, I still looked at them with starry eyes…while I am sure they looked at me with shock, realizing that if I am in my fourth decade, then time is passing too quickly.

My sister and I were always “Ann’s kids”. And damn if we are not all grown up with kids of our own. Big kids to boot.

( but we are still goofing off )

From California to Prince Edward Island to Toronto to Laval and of course, Long Sault, we all converged on their beautiful home in the shadow of the mountain we all call home.

Three generations celebrating the union of two, the home of 5 and the keeping forever of one beautiful little girl.

It is something to see the seven siblings together and laughing.

As W paid respect to in his speech, the years have not always been easy or kind. Yet, here we are, with a beer in our hand and a smoke in the corner ( why were those chairs in the far wilds of the yard anyways???). A sea of white hair and quick comments.

And love. Tons of love.

Thank you W and S for including us in your joy. We are happy to celebrate with you:).

And let us not wait so long again? Okay?

And for historical purposes, lol..

The original seven
Boy Fosters, from L to R:
Paul, John, Michael, Will
Girl Fosters, from L to R:
Mary, Ann, Martha
The cousins
From L to R:
Back Row: Jeremie, Oliver
Front Row: Nicki, Sarah, Justin, Angela, Jesse, Genevieve, Jacques
 Front and Center: Medina
Missing: Kim, Janine, Andrew, Michel
The Younguns
Back Row
L to R: Jake, Kayman, Holly, Jory, Jesse, Oliver (yeah, they are in the wrong photo! ), Kathrine, Danoway, Elizabeth
Front Row
L to R: Ioen, Medina ( she can be in as many photos as she likes;)), Leila, Summer, Savannah, Leelou, Audrey, Alexandra
Missing: Lara, Brianna, Sebasjon, Alex, Ashwyn

2 thoughts on “My Foster family

  1. m5 says:

    good lord, I love you, woman. I'm thrilled for your family and reminded of my own. We aren't fosters (or Fosters), but we are adopters, and that magic is amazing and real. so glad your wonderful family is sharing their hugs and love and joy. ♥


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