is here…
and what a wonderful month it is!
apples and pumpkins and sweaters and crisp air and pencils and birthdays ( well, mine at least;))…it just does not get any better than this.

we went apple picking today, alex and i.
we never actually managed to pick any but we had a lovely time NOT picking them.
we chatted with friends, chased chickens, played in piles of gravel and ate one apple off the ground.

i kind of figured they would sell apples in the store, so i was not so heartbroken about not actually “picking” apples.

see, a childhood spent picking apples every fall from our own orchard soured me on the novelty of the “U-Pick”.
no, YOU pick, i buy.
i know, terrible attitude.
but really? pick as many apples as i have in my lifetime and then get back to me.

i loved growing up with an apple orchard as my personal eden…branches to read amongst, snack within reach…
but the harvesting?
that is tough work. seriously tough work.
i remember the excitement of becoming old enough to be allowed to pick from th top of the tree, using a ladder and basket, as opposed to being relegated to the windfalls.
that was huge for me:).

still is apparently…
i am conflicted in the best way.

there is nothing as heady as the smell of freshly picked apples.
( aside from apple blossoms in the spring, of course )
and now my kitchen feels just right with a huge bowl of “paulas” and the soft scent of fall wafting about.

welcome back september, i am ready. with apple in hand.

(thanks to the kids in the capital gang for organizing today at cannamore orchard – terrific place! we will be back for pumpkins!)

4 thoughts on “september

  1. m5 says:

    he's my varsity champ. :)I was a kid who went apple picking. lots of good memories, and I love when you share yours. our little angela, picking from the top of the trees. 🙂


  2. DaniGirl says:

    Awww, I didn't know you were there! I tried very hard to convince my extended family to go to Cannamore, but was overruled by my coughevilcough sister in law. Sigh. Maybe next weekend — I love apple picking, and had never tried it until the kids were born.


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