i play a little game

called survivorflickrisland on flickr…
32 photographers go head to head, two at a time, posting photos and risking elimination and humiliation round after round until there is one photographer left standing.
in the name of fun and bragging rights.
no prizes, just glory.
shortlived glory.
but glorious for the moment;).
i had not planned on playing in this game ( new games run about once every week and a half ),  just too much on the go this week to commit.
but then there were no shows. a lot of them.
so i agreed to play.
and so here i sit, about to hit the third round, and i have very little to choose from. 
although i shoot many photos all the time, this has been a week of family and friend shots. 
beloved photo album shots. 
not “goingupagainstreallygoodphotographershots”
unless they have had a week like mine ( perhaps a blurry shot of babya blowing out his candles will get sympathy votes???? damn low light…).
I have two potential shots and am hoping that you, my trusted friends, can help me choose which one to post to round three of the game:).
you heard me – you guys are going to choose my next round submission.
 i have to post it by 3 P.M. EST tomorrow, so whichever shot has the most yeas is it!
so…this one…
or…this one…
thanks guys:)
i will let you know how “we” did in the round.
and really? i will not hold anyone accountable other than myself if we do not advance…i am up against some pretty stiff competition:)!!
no pressure!
(oh, and just to be clear, you can’t actually join in this game to vote…no new voting members while a game is in progress – i am just looking for your thoughts, not votes:)) 
2:26 P.M. update…the winner, with vote from here and on facebook tell me that the swing wins! by one vote:)
i will let you know how this round goes – thanks guys!!!

9 thoughts on “i play a little game

  1. Richard says:

    For me, I think it has to be the fairground ride. You *KNOW* how much I envy…I mean love your dock, but I think it's the first one for me and I think the win is yours!Good luck! 🙂


  2. kev says:

    I love a's toes, but I'll go with the fair feet on this one. look up! you're in a chair! in the sky! and not being subjected to Air Canada's miserable staff!:)


  3. D says:

    Damn, tough choice! The bit of flare in the fair ride throws me off, but I'd be all over it if the sky were that retro turquoise instead of the deep blue colour. Just a thought. And you know I have a thing for little fingers and toes, so my vote is for #2.(I got bumped out in round one — never been so relieved to lose!!)


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