irene’s pub was #pbHOTT last night…

i got to enjoy the company of ottawa area writers, photographers, change agents and social media mavens last evening.

and eat cupcakes.

and fawn over a beautiful baby or two;).

this evening was organized by vicky and ann in order for the wider ottawa blogging community to hear what blogher 2010 was all about from the local bloggers who had attended…and there was much to share.

and never enough time!

blogging for me is basically a selfish thing. i have not been doing it for very long, have no real long term goals ( unlike many of the women last night ) and am unsure why i do this other than i like words with my photos…
however, being the perennial joiner that i am, i love a good community to go along with my interests, and ottawa has this in spades.

if you are on twitter, you can track down parts of the evening that were live tweeted by tanya, who between “evangelizing” ( her words;))  seesmic and running from childbirth discussions, was a fabulous live tweetmaster.
and one hell of a funny woman!
just give #PBHott a whirl and revisit the evening.

i know a lot of you who read this blog are not familiar with blogs, twitter, flickr and other parts of my online universe, outside of what i share with you in the real world…and sometimes wonder about me and my internet friends;).

the nice thing about evenings like this is that the faces behind the words become real and tangible, cementing the sense of community that the words these people have written have begun.

there will be a link to all the writers present and i will share it as soon as i get my paws on it!
feel free to spend some time exploring these blogs, there is a lot to identify with in them.
and maybe some new friends to be made.

photo for the august break 2010
on flickr

7 thoughts on “irene’s pub was #pbHOTT last night…

  1. Chantal says:

    Oh Angela I wish I had been able to go. Spidergrl did an amazing job live tweeting and it depressed me 😉 to read all the fun tweets! My husbands best friend is visiting from England and called last night to ask to hang out as he is heading back to England today. I knew that I could meet up with bloggers again soon, and his friend only visits once every two years. Dam it!


  2. Lara says:

    These are events are awesome – I just wish there was more time to talk to everyone at them!! Someone suggested a monthly meetup like this and I the idea rocks! 🙂


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