anyone who knows me knows i love a challenge.
especially when it comes to photos.
i am a joiner. what can i say;).
love that group dynamic!


play with me:)

over the next few weeks i am taking photos that reflect the following…

THREE’s a crowd (or company)
Friends FOURever
ARRIVE at five
SIX pics
SEVENth heaven

this little gem comes via the kids in the capital flickr group i belong to, which sprang from the kids in the capital blog. which you can also follow on twitter @kidsincapital.
just a group of ottawa parents, enjoying their kids and environs with a little help from their cameras.
feel free to join in on the fun…

phew that is a lot of links, isn’t it?
(if you only realized how proud i am of myself for learning how to link things all by myself, you would realize how lame i truly am… and yes, i do realize this has been made ridiculously easy. let me have my moment, won’t you??)

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