one for the davis girls

with whom i discovered cape cod when i was an impressionable teen…

we are back from our trip.
it was wonderful.
will be editing photos for awhile, but had to get this one up for tierney and andy and mrs. davis.
i thought of your dad the whole time.

4 thoughts on “one for the davis girls

  1. angela auclair says:

    we didn't this time…the baby would not have been able to handle it, what with his religious 8 P.M. bedtime. but i have seen movies here before:), when i was a teenager vacationing with my bff and her family. it is an awesome spot…completely true to it's past, not fancy and veeerryyyy retro.and still very busy!during the day it is a flea market, which is what we were visiting. i thought the boys would HATE it, but they were the ones that ended up buying a pile of books and dvds and toy cars.go figure!


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