i am fickle.

well, about some things.

like summer vacations.

anyone got a house on the cape to rent?

6 hours in a car yesterday, one near death experience ( bet you are glad you are reading my blog now, aren’t ya hon?;)), the realization that we need to unwind in a big way…and the plans are a changing.
or perhaps just shifting to better suit our mood.

so, a house on a beach.

that is what we need.

anyone got one?

(the cheesiest-road-trip-ever will happen…and might yet happen this summer…just not in july,lol)

2 thoughts on “i am fickle.

  1. coffee with julie says:

    We just rented one in the Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod! Give it a google! :)We also rented one further north (the further north you go on the coast, the less expensive the rentals seem) via the VRBO site. Hope you luck turns much better soon …


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