i’m a weiner

so…i am a big advocate of getting your art off your computer and on to a wall somewhere – your own, a friend’s, an art gallery’s…

so i did that, entering into a juried art show last year as one of 5 accepted photographers. i did not win anything, but the experience of “being hung” was wonderful and empowering.

this year our local art gallery offered up it’s first ever juried photography show, so i jumped in once again. but it was much harder this time. all photographers? like, real competition?

i had more work to choose from and the choice seemed daunting. do i go with a theme? do i go with what i consider my strongest pieces? do i go with my sentimental favourites? i went back and forth for weeks, before soliciting the help of some photographer friends and some non photographer friends. i narrowed the field down to four pieces…and then begged the art gallery director to make the final cut to three for me.

yeah, i chickened out a little. and i would have chosen differently, but i think the right choices were made in the end.

all that said, i won nothing in terms of the actual juried competition. there was feedback on my shots, some criticisms warranted and noted (others not so much) but again…what a feeling to see my shots hung in a gallery. something about that just makes me very happy.

i spend a lot of my time engrossed on my pictures on my computer and online…it is just nice to share it with real people once in awhile.

so, fast forward to today.
i got a call from sylvie, the art gallery director, asking if i was close to my computer. of course i was;)…so i pulled up the gallery site to see DJ Drool staring back at me, as the 2010 People’s Choice Award winner.

i am all warm and fuzzy inside.
i know – puppies and babies and rainbows are hard to resist…but when it is your baby ( both in terms of shot subject and the shot )…man, it feels good:).

so here is to getting it off your computer and in to the real world. it can be what you want – your writing, your artwork, your photos, your time…


3 thoughts on “i’m a weiner

  1. DaniGirl says:

    Okay, first, you have a blog and I have to find out on Twitter? Bad girl!!!But second — SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh, I'm so proud of you!! You are forgiven for the transgression above, only because I am so happy for you. But don't let it happen again!;)P.S. If you want me to play here, you have to open the comment thing to allow me to post by name/URL, cuz it's rejecting my OpenID and I have to use my stale google account. (Erm, I hope you want me to play here!)


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