gotta jump in sometime

so today is the day. maybe it has something to do with all those awesome olympic athletes i saw today, reveling in well deserved achievement, successful because they tried.. or the fact that alex started montessori, effectively giving me free time. or the fact that i need a bridge between flickr and facebook and twitter…which seems ridiculous. but not. or maybe i am just that bored. i am not even going to tell anyone about this place till i get it all figured out:). just going to post pics. because that makes me happy. i wrote hippy. that too. and i am going to try to make as few spelling errors as possible because they truly hurt my heart.

so now?
i will try and post a photo to my shiny new plaything:)
wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “gotta jump in sometime

  1. 3limes says:

    Yippeeee! More Angela, more photos. I am so happy to be reading you here. I am starting at the very beginning and I will read everything you have written. Well done for taking the plunge, you are a natural. Now keep doing it! xx


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